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What is a Preparer Account?
A Preparer Account allows a tax preparer to link to and manage individual Business Accounts. Preparer Accounts on Sacramento BizTaxesOnline have a parent-child relationship with Business Accounts. Each preparer has a unique username and password to manage his/her Preparer Account. Within the Preparer Account, he/she can manage the Business Accounts. Each Business Account will also have a unique username and password, but the link between the Business Account and the Preparer Account prevents the preparer from needing to log in with the username and password of each business. At any time, the preparer can add a new Business Account to manage or discontinue management of a current Business Account.

Who Should Sign Up for a Preparer Account?
You should sign up for a Preparer Account on Sacramento BizTaxesOnline if you are responsible for preparing returns on behalf of multiple businesses, and wish to keep each Business Account separate. The benefit of keeping separate Business Accounts linked to a Preparer Account is that you can allow the business to log into the account without exposing another business' information.

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